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I experienced the best laser hair removal in Kochi. Their technology delivered impressive results. I found my go-to destination for skin care.


I can’t stop praising the staff here at Clinic 7. Everyone here is incredibly friendly and professional. Their warm smiles and care made me feel welcome and comfortable throughout my visit.

Simi P Nasar

Clinic 7 offered an unmatched ambience. The elegant design and attention to detail create a serene environment. The staff's professionalism and personalised care enhance the overall experience. Clinic 7 is the epitome of luxury and relaxation. Highly recommended.

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Dermatologist , Cosmetologist

Dr. Nithya MBBS, DDVL

With years of experience as a consultant dermatologist & cosmetologist and a Review Resident, Dr. Nithya is now at Clinic 7.


Dr. Krithi R Ullal MBBS, DDVL

A Senior Consultant, a Senior Resident, and a Speciality Medical Officer, Dr. Krithi is now consulting at Clinic 7.