Improve the beard or moustache density as desired

The basic principles of hair transplantation are the same, but it needs to be planned in a different way. A detailed examination of the face is required to determine the number of grafts required for the entire area that needs reconstruction.



Local anaesthesia may be a little more painful in the facial area.


The grafts are removed from the donor area in the same way as in a routine FUE. The mid occipital area of the head is the preferred donor because of the similarity in texture to beard and moustache hair. Mostly single or double hairs grafts are extracted.


Implantation may be difficult in the beard area due to muscularity and increased risk of bleeding. Single–haired grafts are placed over the outline and two–haired grafts can be used over the other areas to increase thickness. Beard implantation takes longer time compared to scalp implantation.

Post operative precautions

Semi solid food is advised on the day of surgery after the procedure. There may be some post operative swelling which would disappear over a couple of days. Since it is a mobile area, some restricted mobility is advised. Soft food and liquid diet are preferred.


Growth of implanted hair begins after around 3 months and improves over the next few months.

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