Dental Veneers

Say goodbye to imperfections. Choose veneers for a flawless smile

Imagine gleaming, white teeth that frame your smile with confidence. At Clinic 7 Aesthetics in Kochi, we make that dream a reality with dental veneers. These custom-crafted shells, made of high-quality porcelain or composite resin, are like a beautiful disguise for your teeth, masking imperfections and revealing a smile you’ll love to share.

Here's how dental veneers can transform your smile :

  • Conceal tooth chips, cracks, and discoloration: Veneers hide unsightly flaws, giving you a uniform, radiant smile.
  • Close teeth gaps and misalignments: Minor gaps or uneven teeth can be corrected with veneers, creating a harmonious dental landscape.
  • Reshape and lengthen teeth: Veneers can reshape stubby or misshapen teeth, and even lengthen them for a more youthful appearance.

  • Boost confidence and self-esteem: A dazzling smile is a powerful asset, and veneers can give you the confidence to shine in any situation.

Find out answers to more questions

It’s a great solution for people with discoloured, worn-down, uneven shaped teeth.

No. Veneers can only help with appearance. For a permanent solution for your decayed or discoloured teeth, a dentist recommended treatment is preferred.

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