Sweat less, live more: Discover freedom from excessive sweating

Is excessive sweating holding you back from living life to the fullest? Do underarm stains, clammy palms, and constant dampness chip away at your confidence? You’re not alone. Millions experience hyperhidrosis, a medical condition causing uncontrollable sweating beyond what’s necessary for temperature regulation. But there’s hope! At Clinic 7 Aesthetics, we offer effective excessive sweating reduction treatments to help you reclaim control and rediscover confidence.

At Clinic 7, our skilled team of experts employs the latest technologies and proven techniques to address hyperhidrosis effectively. Our personalised approach ensures that each treatment is tailored to meet your unique needs, delivering optimal results.

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It is a purified protein derivative that temporarily relaxes the targeted muscles, causing

fine lines and wrinkles to diminish.


Results can last for about 3-4 months and sometimes longer.


BOTOX is injected in just enough dosage to only the targeted muscles but not disturbing

surrounding muscles. So, facial expressions and a natural look are maintained.


The treatment may be done after application of a numbing cream over the concern areas.

Minimal redness, swelling or bruise over the injected areas that subsides quickly.

Mild headache (uncommon).

Results are visible in 7 to 10 days.

Yes. Repeated injections at intervals help targeted muscles to relax. This prevents the

formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

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