Smile brighter with our expert teeth whitening treatment

A radiant smile is often the first thing people notice, and at Clinic 7 Aesthetics, we believe everyone deserves to smile brighter. That’s why we offer professional teeth whitening treatments, tailored to your individual needs. Say goodbye to years of teeth stains, teeth yellowness, and discoloration. Our advanced teeth whitening techniques safely and effectively remove surface stains and penetrate deeper to reach ingrained yellowing. Visit our dental department and leave Clinic 7 with teeth that are several shades whiter, boosting your confidence and leaving you with a smile you can’t help but show off.


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Not at all painful.

There are no high impact side effects. Some might feel mild sensitivity.

Usually a single sitting procedure.

No. For decayed teeth, we suggest undergoing another treatment concerning the situation.

Usually lasts for around 5 years, but it is purely based on lifestyle.

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