Scaling And Polishing

That sticky film-like coating spoiling your smile?

Plaque build-up and tartar deposit is a common condition among adults. Around 68% of the adults suffer from the condition. These deposits lead to bad breath, tooth decay, receding gums and many more. Scaling and Polishing is the remedy to get rid of these deposits and keep your teeth & gum clean and healthy.

How do we do it?

Scaling is the process of removing plaque build-up and tartar deposits using tools. After scaling the sticky-film like coating off your teeth a session of polishing is recommended, Polishing helps to remove any surface stain from the teeth.

Find out answers to more questions

No. Scaling only removes external stains.

Preferably every 6 months.

No. It’s a pain free process.

Yes. Scaling removes plaque build-up on teeth which is one the reasons causing bad breath.

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