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The accumulation of melanin is responsible for dark spots, uneven skin tone. So by reducing the excessive melanin we can restore the lost glow and tone of your skin.

The different types of treatments available for improving your skin tone are:

Chemical Peels

They peel of the superficial layer of skin and give you an even tone.It can help to lighten the discoloured skin by removing skin tan and dark spots.

Laser Peels or Laser abrasions

Here LASER is used to break down the melanin pigment which will be gradually removed by the body through the natural immune system. It helps to reduce pigmentation and dull skin and gives you a much long lasting effect

Skin brightening creams/mask

There are a wide range of products which can give you a bleaching effect but it will not give you long lasting result and may not be feasible for long term use.

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As we all know, the skin cells grow and shed frequently. Thus, to maintain the long term result it is important that you take proper care of your skin.

The skin looks dark due to prolonged exposure to sun and pollution. Darker skin can also result from heredity.

There are several technologies and skin brightening treatment that can help in skin brightening. However, all of them aim at reducing the skin pigment called melanin, an abundance of which can cause the skin to be darker.

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