Tooth Jewellery

When fashion met teeth.

Tooth jewellery is a trendy and non-invasive way to add some sparkle to your smile. It involves the placement of a small decorative gem or charm onto the surface of a tooth. Tooth jewellery is typically made of safe and biocompatible materials like crystals or semi-precious gems. The process is quick and painless, usually requiring the use of dental adhesive to attach the jewellery to the tooth. It’s a temporary cosmetic enhancement that can be easily removed or replaced without causing any damage to the tooth. Tooth jewellery allows you to express your unique style and personality while adding a touch of glamour to your smile. Tooth jewellery typically lasts up to 6-24 months.

Find out answers to more questions

No. The jewellery and gems are custom made for use in dentistry.

No. Tooth jewellery requires no drilling or damaging your teeth.

Yes. Unlike body tattoos, tooth jewellers are not permanent. With the help of an expert you can remove or replace it anytime.

No. Unfortunately, the bonding agent will only attach to natural tooth tissue.

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